Yeary Homes & Now Yeary Custom Pools

Our Mission Experience & Relationships

With a stated strategy of excellence and enduring relationships, Yeary Homes has built custom homes in the Charlotte area for over 15 years.  We have built a business model focused on integrity and commitment and a construction process that delivers consistent quality at a competitive price point. 

In response to the growing demand for outdoor living spaces we have expanded our business to include Yeary Pools, adhering to the same core business principles that define us in the custom home market.  Whether you are interested in building a new home, a new home with a pool, or adding a pool to your existing home, Yeary Homes and Pools would love to be included in your plans.

Yeary Pools has quickly established itself in the custom concrete pool category.

We leverage a highly experienced team of professionals that share our strategy of always doing the right thing and being bound by our word.  A great team yields a degree of excellence only possible by attention to detail of every component and thoughtful oversight every step of the way. 

Yeary Pools is committed to delivering value to every aspect of a private custom pool, including ongoing service and maintenance for the pools we build.  Please take a look at our gallery, our results and customer testimonials speak for themselves.